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Arizona Columbine Garden Club


The purpose of the Conservation Committee is to keep Arizona Columbine Garden Club (ACGC) membership well informed on current conservation issues; to promote respect and responsibility for natural resources and environmental stewardship; to encourage ACGC to identify and carry out conservation work locally; to provide environmental education programs for youth and the general public; and with the Executive Board's approval, to work with other conservation agencies and organizations whose programs complement those of The Garden Club of America (GCA). The Conservation Committee participates in Conservation Watch, a quarterly online newsletter featuring conservation and environmental news from around the country. The Conservation Committee also works closely with GCA’s National Affairs and Legislation Committee.

The National Affairs & Legislation (NAL) Committee keeps GCA member clubs like ACGC current on federal legislation and policy initiatives that relate to the mission of the GCA; identifies advocacy opportunities based on the GCA's Position Papers; and plans and executes the annual NAL Conference in Washington, D.C. The GCA has been involved in advocacy since its earliest days. The first Position Papers were created in 1989 to support advocacy by providing a cohesive and consistent message for member clubs and GCA national committees. The Position Papers summarize the issues that are priorities to the GCA.

ACGC has been an active force in the promotion of environmental awareness and the preservation of natural resources in and around Arizona. The ACGC Conservation Committee works to promote healthy land, water and air and to help educate and inspire nature-based solutions to conservation issues. ACGC Conservation Committee supports community projects which recently included the Sonoran Seed Collaborative , the Seed Summit, and 75 Trees for 75 Years. The committee also organizes educational ‘ConChick Nights’ providing presentations and/or conversations on key conservation topics.

Additionally, the ACGC Conservation Committee is directly engaged with legislative advocacy consistent with GCA Position Papers. ACGC Conservation Committee members annually attend the NAL Conference and maintains connections with state and federal legislators providing encouragement, feedback and/or gratitude for key Conservation initiatives. For example, ACGC is helping advocate for Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA) contacting both AZ Senators in appreciation for co-sponsoring this important legislation and urging swift passage of the bill. ACGC has also proposed an Arizona Native Plant Month Proclamation to the Governor’s office. GCA club members across the country are working to formally establish a Native Plant Month within their state by April, 2023.

Arizona Proclamation project

ConChick Night featuring Plant-Based Menus for Personal and Planetary Health

Zero Waste Kitchen - Progress not Perfection: Including Cooking, Cleaning and Composting

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Conservation exhibit at the 2022 Arizona Columbine Flower Show. The exhibit received the Garden Club of America Marion Thompson Fuller Brown Conservation Award and the Garden Club of America Ann Lyon Crammond Education Award.

Arizona Columbine Garden Club

Founded in 1946. Member of Garden Club of America since 1989.

The purpose of the Arizona Columbine Garden Club is to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening, aid in the protection of native trees, plants and shrubs, and restore, improve and protect the quality of the environment through programs and action in the fields of conservation, civic improvement and education.

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